Please give it a name

Just received my Ender 3 v3. I’m loving the printer, but it is very difficult to find and connect with other users and find mods for it. Searching for the name returns all the existing posts here as well as on other sites and model repos for the KE and SE.

I understand the printer was just released, but I find it hard to believe no one is talking about it, and that is what it seems like when I search.

Even if it just had some small distinction tacked on, like “Core” or “Prime” or something like that - it would help. I feel like if Creality doesn’t give it a name the community will eventually nickname it just so we can find each other.


Hello @WeAreARobot and Welcome to the Creality Forum…! :wave:Creality

Got the Ender-3 V3 also. Great machine. I really wouldn’t want to “mod” anything on it as it is working great. I’d be afraid of messing something up.
You can add a camera


I’m sorry to keep you waiting,now Ender-3 V3 has its own partition and your post has been moved here.


Great idea, its a pain googling ender 3 v3 and getting what you dont want … ie all the other variations

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I wish companies would use the year instead of model revision numbers… something like “Ender 2024” or “K series 2024”. I can dream… knowing any marketing team will quickly override that sort of sanity…

Sounds good, this way we avoid any confusion.

I am researching bed leveling/first layer issues. It does almost feel like the Ender 3 V3 does not exist. ONLY get results for se/ke/older printers when googling… I have posts on these forums gaining traction now. Sigh.

Of community nicknaming I have seen a few people calling it the Ender 3 V3 XZ which may help.

The Ender-3 V3 has a very different system for bed leveling than the earlier Ender .

What issues are you having…?

Got it. I think we were discussing that in another area. Were you able to try a different slicer to get better results…?

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I have some thoughts about your internet searches. I admit, I did ask ChatGPT to reply because of how it organizes it replies. I also felt a bit lazy because I am only on my second cup of coffee this morning. Below is it’s reply to your original post.

Searching effectively can indeed be tricky, especially with newer models. Here are a few tips that might help narrow down your results:

  1. Use Quotation Marks: Try searching for “Ender 3 v3” within quotes. This tells the search engine to look for that exact phrase, which can filter out unrelated results.
  2. Exclude Terms: If you’re getting too many unrelated results, use the minus sign (-) to exclude terms. For example, searching for “Ender 3 v3 -KE -SE” might help filter out posts about other models.
  3. Add Keywords: Include specific keywords related to mods or discussions you’re interested in, like “upgrades,” “mods,” or “community forums.” This can help target your search towards discussions rather than product listings.
  4. Check Specific Sites: Consider searching directly on dedicated forums or communities like Reddit’s r/ender3 or specialized 3D printing forums. These often have more focused discussions on specific models.
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Thanks for the reminder Mr_Mark.
I’m not sure that this works with Bing but is OK with Google.
Also, try where we/you can be very specific with search terms.