"Print Calibration" tick box Nebula Pad

Does anyone definitively know what is happening when you check the “print calibration” box when printing. I always thought it would adjust the nozzle during printing to compensate for the high and low bed areas to get a relatively even first layer. I’m not finding that to be the case. The only thing I see happening when “print calibration” is checked is it obtains new settings and clears my (manual) Z offset leading to failed 1st layer adhesion. The auto Z is always much too high.

I try not to recalibrate every run. Normally find my manually adjusted Z offset is 0.05-0.1 more than the autocalibrate. I don’t use the Gcode offset in Creality Print either, it tends to cumulatively add an extra offset per run. You could use Gcode offset with recalibrate every run I suppose but I would rather set my offset manually and leave it alone.

Yea, my bed is all over the place recently and I thought the printer software was supposed to compensate the head according to the calibration numbers leading to a smooth layer. It’s not. I must have messed something up.