Printing Tall, narrow object

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I’ve had my V3 SE for a couple months and made several decent prints. I now have an object to print that is 230mm tall and somewhat narrow as you can see from the image. Obviously I can’t print this laying down due to it’s size. Using Cura I’ve added an 8mm Brim. Do you think there will any issues printing this or would it be best to add some additional support to keep it upright, and if so, how would I do that using Fusion 360 or Cura?

I’ve printed a couple of tubes, separate prints, Ø25mm X 200mm without a brim, they came out fine without extra support. Looks like you may need a support under that overhang at the top.

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Maybe put it at a 45° or so it will still fit the build plate.? That way you can add more supports to the sides and it won’t be quite as tall… :thinking:


I do have supports for that top overhang. Just not shown in the screen shot.

Didn’t think I could get it fit but it just does. It’s adding support under the ‘U’ channel but not on the long angled part. Guessing that will be ok?

I think it would work as that’s not too extreme of an angle there… :crossed_fingers:

I printed a part today with a 45¯ cone without supports, that part there should be fine.

Success. Thanks All.

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That came out good… Great…! :+1:

Good print :+1: