Prints 1 inch high, then stops printing

Ok. I’ve had this Ender 3 v2 printer for a minute and have enjoyed using it. I bought it for D&D terrain etc… So, I decided this year to print gifts for my grandkids. I printed 5 robot looking phone holders and had some problems but worked through them. I then decided to print something for myself and ran into a wall. I wanted to print a packet holder, anyway, it started printing great then at about the 1-inch height it simply stops feeding filament. The feeder clanks and clunks and advances and retracts but nothing comes out the tip. After several days of working to fix the issue of filament breaking off at the feeder, I started a new print. This time it was not flowing from the nozzle from the get go. Several days of frustration later I replaced the nozzle thinking something might have gotten FUBARed with it. Low and behold perfect start. I was relived and very happy. Three hours later at the 1-inch mark blammo same issue. Clanks, clunks but no flow. Anybody have any ideas?

Oh, BTW the robot phone holder tallest part to print was 4 inches so yes it has printed taller than 1 inch before with no problems. (sorry forgot to include that)

Hi @Ernest_Flowers and welcome to the forums!

It sounds like either the filament is slipping or being shredded by the gear, or a blockage of the nozzle. If the print fails and then you start a new print and it extrudes ok then its not likely a blockage.

I would recommend reviewing the following video to see if there are any tips or tricks you can pick up from it to tweak and check your extruder gears are correctly tensioned.

Everything about Extruder Pre-Tension!

When you say the 1 inch mark is the filament binding somewhere at that point…?
Picture of your setup if you can… :christmas_tree: :grinning:

Ok, went through and re-tightened all the nuts and bolts. (3 years I guess I should have known) Then I spent a couple of days re-adjusting the feed gear tension. Finally spent another hour leveling my bed. Started another print and I’m crossing my fingers. First layer is looking pretty good, but time will tell. I’ll post the results in 4 hours. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thank you for the advice. With all that is out there you know you need to look, It’s just a lot easier if you know where to look.

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