Problem with Creality PLA

i am having problem since i switched to creality pla gray 1.75mm

i am using the same settings since my last pla (everything PERFECTS) and just chaning PLA i got these results

does anyone please know what to do?thnx

Hello @GennaiosFX and Welcome to the Creality Forum…! :wave:Creality

I’m thinking here that your roll of filament needs to be dried out first. Even a new roll in a sealed bag can cause problems depending on how it was taken care of at the factory.

I know you said nothing else changed but it does looks like the nozzle is too far from the bed and the filament is not sticking properly. You can use IPA (Alcohol) to clean the bed of any contamination.

Things to know so we can help.
Nozzle Temp:
Bed Temp: