Question regarding slicers

i’m still new to this 3d printing and this might be a dumb question but does the slicer you use have any effect on the quality of the final print? for instance i just started using orca slicer and not only did it print it faster than it did in the creality print slicer i think the quality was better or is it just in the eye of the beholder type thing?

If you have Ender-3 V series as newbie better to start first with official vendor provided Creality Print software. When you reached the limits of those application then you can look around for others.
Why? Because those ensured work with your printer and also if you use CR PLA or CR Hyper-PLA that is solve most if the 3rd party PLA optimization issues.

I purchased cheap ECO-PLA also for first materials but those light year away from the original Creality one.

If you focus on high speed - specially on Ender-3 V3 KE as my one - then you need to create new parameter config profile. Set speed 500mm/sec and acceleration to 8000mm/s2 (in advanced settings).
But be care, keep Initial layer slow like my 200mm/s (travel speed 300mm/s) and acceleration 800mm/s2 (initial travel speed 1000mm/s). Enable “Accelerate to Decelerate” to 50% that is also helps.
Also need to enabled in advanced speed settings the “Acceleration Limit Volume” and the “Print Speed Limit to Height” and optimize for ideal settings.

Because of those high speed also need VERY stable desk. I used very old iron frame based elementary school desk to minimize vibration with this high acceleration/deceleration.

The V3 KE is a very quick platform (totally different area then the earlier 150-200mm/s 3D printers) just you need to optimize profile and provide stable environment. Hype-PLA above 300mm/s strongly recommended the printer HW speed limit somewhere 32mm3/s flow rate so those are big one.
I have lot of successful high speed prints over big area and also big height also

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