Received Creality Power Boost Kit

First thing I noticed on the new extruder is that the tube goes in differently. Instead of that little blue clip you just push down on the white ring when you put the tube or filament in. On the inside (sorry no pics) I think there is some kind of new spring mechanism pushing the gears together which will be nice as I don’t have to use a zip tie to hold the locking lever on top anymore. Testing it out now and so far it’s doing good…

Great to hear! Still waiting on my order, how long did it take to gat it?

@roger44 Welcome to the Creality Forum…!!!

It’s been a couple months. :frowning: I can’t remember exactly when I ordered it through their “Power Boost Kit +” event. I must say though it is working very well.

To be honest I installed this on my K1 Max as it’s the same as a K1. (Sold the K1)

I bought a replacement extruder on Ebay which I wrote about HERE

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