Setrting up the Creality Ender 3 V3 KE Touchscreen

Although I’ve completed the build, OK I’m at that point where I’m presented with a graph on the touch screen and not sure where to go from here. Arwe there any videos that deal specifically with the touch screen setup as I’d like to move on and print something.

Thanks a lot


At the bottom the screen do you see 4 icons, a home button, a settings button and 2 others? Are you connecting to the printer by WiFi and have you set it up for that? Have you loaded filament, there is an extrude/retract button at the top of the settings screen. See the manual pdf page 9 onwards

I’ve got that screen with the 4 icons, and I’m connected to my router via wifi. I didn’t use that little bit of white filament that you get with the printer. I bought 2 full spools of filament, one red and one white, and I’ve fed the red one into the printer as far as it would go, but I haven’t got the touch screen to thread it through for me yet. I got the Creality app on my phone, and the machine updated itself once I set up the WiFi.
I did the self-check, and the self leveling went ahead and then finished. Thats about as far as I got before I got lost and decided to become a member here.

Did you manage to load the filament so it extrudes? Its on the settings button, at the top there is extrude/retract, press that and then press extrude. The machine will then warm up and extrude 5mm of material, personally I up that dimension to 25mm mainly to purge out previous material. Once that is done run Creality Print on your PC, load up an STL file, generate gCode and send to printer by using LAN printing button. Send gCode to the printer, then select the printer, click one-click printing and if your bed is correctly levelled you should be able to print something. Got to start with a Benchy

I followed your instructions and managed to connect my desktop computer with the printer (which I had to put in the kitchen as there isn’t enough ventilation in the living room) over the LAN. I sent the Benchy Gcode to the printer and it started to print. Unfortunately, the PLA isn’t sticking to the bed, its just falling off the side in clumps like a dog shedding hair.

Which probably means you need to adjust the Z offset down a bit. I normally have to adjust mine down between 0.05-0.1mm to get it stick properly. Might help with gluestick too. On the same area that the extrude/retract is there is an adjustment button, click on -Z once or twice to get the filament to stick. Takes a little practice to get this one just right. Perhaps print a skirt of about 5 walls, you should be able to get the Z right on the skirt before it starts the main print.

It did print something in the end when I increased the bed temperature by 10, but I’ll have a look at the Z offset to see if it makes any difference. What did I end up with? Well, I really don’t know; its certainly not a Benchy. It looks like a sky scraper, I’m sorry that I can’t send you a picture so you can tell me what the printer has been doing for the last hour, it certainly is not a boat. But anyway, I’m chuffed that the computer communicated with the printer in another room and it did what it was supposed to do, well not quite what I wanted.
I’ll keep playing with it now I’ve started to print something. Practice makes perfect.
Thanks for your help.


Took almost a year to get my Ender 5 plus to print reliably every time, less time on my KE and SE as I had already cut my teeth. Tried to explain to people at work that there is nack to it and it isn’t just press print…that said now it is tuned in it pretty much is just press print, well until someone comes along and fiddles with it.

Practice makes perfect so I’ll continue printing and see what happens By the way, I bought a glass bed but haven’t attached it yet as I’m not sure how to configure it with the 4 clips on the edge. Will the machine know it has a glass bed and adapt to it, or am I asking too much of ender?


I actually printed a Benchy and it came out pretty good. You can see it HERE
Also, the strange thing I printed on the first try is HERE I don’t know how it got printed but it just turned up. anyway, I’ll carry on with all the Test objects on Creality Print which should give me a good start to 3D Printing.

Thanks a lot for your help.


I shall have a look when access is permitted :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand “when access is permitted,” as this is a straight forward hyperlink. Why would you need access is permitted, you have access or I wouldn’t have posted the link.

(Image deleted, no longer required.)
That’s what I get to both links.

I must ask you to forgive me for being a complete Prat. I was in a rush to get to the supermarket between showers (it’s raining a lot here in the UK at the moment) when I responded to your last post and I didn’t look at the link properly. I just went to ‘My Drive’ and there’s a note there asking me to make you an editor, Gary. So now I have.

Please accept my apologies for this mistake

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Tell me about it I was trying to get out into the garden this weekend. Anyway that Benchy doesn’t look too bad, a bit of stringing, that’s just a tweak of temperatures or drying the filament. If you get damp filament you can often hear it popping as the moisture turns to steam, sometimes get pock marks. The skyscraper thing is a temperature calibration tower. You see which level looks the best and that should be the best temperature for that particular roll of filament, supposed to do it for every new roll as they can be different (can’t say that I do this calibration)

I’m glad you were able to view the links at last. That’s the first time that problem has cropped up. But as I said, I was in a rush to get out in between showers and didn’t look at the link properly. I won’t make that mistake again.