Setting Z belt on 3V3 SE

Long time lurker, first 3D printer is the 3V3SE. Screwed it together, hit a few buttons, and it printed wonderfully. Then I decided to install the filament sensor.
Watched a few videos, seemed like I had a good idea of what to do. Opened up the device, ( WHY is the fan connector glued into the mobo? Just makes it harder to work in there )
In feeding the cable down the pillar, I managed to pop out the Z screw on the right (side without the motor), and then the belt came off. I put the rest of it back together, but now the two Z screws are out of alignment, it’s not level. How to I correctly and accurately set that?
I’ve tried searching for the issue, but any time you search anything about the Z axis calibration and 3D printers you get a million results about pieces of paper and finding the settings on the display.
What I need to do, is get the top belt back onto the two Z axis screws, but how do I make sure it’s level and straight?
Just eyeball it? The only thing I can think of is get as close as I can, then run the bed leveling grid, then jump a few teeth to get closer. Rinse, repeat until that little graph is all green again.
Any other ideas? Someone put it together at the factory, but I can’t find any reference as to how its supposed to be done.
Does anyone know what keywords to search for? When you synchronize the two screws with the belt, is there a name for that process that I can google? Seems like if I knew the right keyword things would pop up for me.

Thanks for any help,

And like finding the first one after you’ve bought it’s replacement, I just found:

This looks to go over what I was looking for.
Any other resources anyone knows of for setting these?

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That should work, the KE and SE chassis are pretty identical.


Really easy to sort this, you will need TWO identical items of the same height, most use Glue sticks.
Move the printhead to the centre and raise the gantry up by hand until you can get one of the above “items” under the gantry.
Now on the right lead screw (non motor) you will find a grub screw on the toothed wheel the Z belt runs on. Loosen this screw enough that you can manually turn the right lead screw without the toothed wheel moving.
Now place the second “item” under the right side of the gantry and turn the right lead screw until it rest on the second “item”.
Now tighten the grub screw and all will be well.
Hope this helps.