Simple Question: Where is the 3V3 SE's serial number?

Tech Support keeps asking for the serial number associated with a bar code sticker on the back of the machine. Mine doesn’t have one…just a sticker with a QR code that takes me to Creality’s website. There is a number associated with the QR code sticker but web search examples lead me to believe this is not what they’re after. Is there an actual bar code sticker somewhere???

Is there a QR code on the bottom of the machine or the box it came in…?

Nothing on the bottom . There are QR codes on the box with the same number as i found on the printer which also takes me to the same creality website. Found a bar code on the box with a number but no matching sticker/number on the printer itself. Could that be it?

Did you ever find the serial # for that machine…?

I have 2 labels on mine. A black one with all the power information and to left of the power selection switch a white label, again with a QR code, but also a serial code I think. I found the same number on the packaging too.

Yeah, mine has same. Tech support was rather specific about a serial number with a BAR code. Nothing like that on my printer and it sounds like others (like your machine) is the same. Not gonna worry about it any longer as long as the warranty is honoured. This printer has been nothing but a headache.