Smoke followed by electrical smell

My two week K1 Max just put out a puff of smoke and an electrical burn smell from the print head. Now when I power on the printer nothing lights up and I hear a very quiet clicking. I took the head apart but do not see any obvious burnt up part. I have an e-mail into support but until they get back to me any ideas which part it could be?

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Sorry about all the smoke… That’s scary… :fire:

I can’t remember but is there a voltage selector switch on the side of the K1… I had one a few months ago and I can’t remember…

There is but it has been set on 110V since day one. I don’t think it failed since the smoke came from the head.

Got it… :+1:

Sometimes you can get answers on the:

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Did you ever figure out why your K1 Max was puffing smoke…??

No, still waiting for support to get back to me. Is there anywhere else to get support besides them in China?

The only ones I know about:

Creality Support

I replaced the hot end this morning with the extra one that came with this NEW printer. Getting same issue, on power up, no LCD panel, no interior light, just that clicking sound. I looked at the breakout board (I am hoping that is it) and noticed the type on it says version **** M-V12. Looking online for a replacement board (in case Creality drops the ball with my support [so far] ) and I see they all say *** C-V13. Should I assume the board that came in my printer is older version? YouTube videos also show where the AI LiDAR cable plugs in is different on my board.

You should have gotten some kind of response from Creality by now…
What was the email…??…?

Yes, that is it.

Just got done with chat, they said they are waiting for MASTER TECH to respond to me. “Guess what I said, me too”.

I am losing faith in support. They have now sent me two e-mails with some very basic questions to what I have responses and finally they are going to send me a new hot end and breakout board. But that was two days ago and still no shipping info from them. Is support always this slow? I have been down for over two weeks of the one month I have owned this printer.

Sorry. Unfortunately it is crawling but I’m glad you got some kind of response. Usually they use DHL to send from overseas so it will take some time…

Support via email is unfortunately quite slow lately. Responses used to be within 24-72 hours but since around the Black Friday sales onwards I get the feeling support are being inundated with emails and as a result its taking longer for them to process requests etc. I experienced a delay recently but am happy to report that they did send out the replacement parts and all is now good again. The email system is slow and a few Creality employees have advised me of the same. Most of the time the most efficient way to get an instant response is usually via the Creality Cloud app live chat or via the Creality Support Facebook page, many customers have reported that these 2 platforms tend to be quicker. Good luck and hope you get your parts soon!

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Could not wait for Creality so got a new breakout board online and installed it. Now I get power up, LED light turns on and LCD screen lights up. But now I get an error code of Key 111 unknown exception. Ideas?

Error 111 is usually relating to “Nozzle MCU hardware connection abnormal”. Double check all cables to make sure nothing has come loose or not been re-connected properly.

I have tried removing and reseating all the connections in the print head area several times. Can I safely assume that the connectors only “snap” into the board in one direction? I have tried watching lots of YouTube videos trying to make sure the color wires are in the same direction in each connector, in other words, so I don’t have it plugged in backwards. My nightmare all started with the breakout board going up in smoke, I hope it did not also fry the motherboard. If I did, would I even get this far on the LCD screen? I ordered this printer on Dec 18, 2023, today is January 20, 2024, do you think I have any chance to just get Creality to send me a whole new replacement K1 Max?

I would definitely reach out to support as they may wish to send you a new mainboard especially with the printer still being within the warranty window.

The support is terrible. It takes days for back and forth e-mails. I send them all the info they request and then have to explain everything over and over again. Is phone support the only way to get good support? I have been using e-mail and FaceBook. What are their hours, I don’t see that info anywhere? About ready to take a sledge hammer to the printer :hot_face: