Sonic pad and Ender 3v3 - Flashing klipper issues

I have just purchased a Sonic Pad to go with my Ender 3v3se. I have updated the Sonic Pad so that it now has the correct Ender profile; however I can’t seem to get Klipper onto the Ender. I flashed the bin file as instructed by the Sonic Pad onto the Ender and connected it using the serial cable, but the Sonic Pad tells me it can’t see the printer. I know that some kind of flash has occurred as when I reconnect the Ender 3v3 lcd unit, it makes a beeping sound and the lcd has just the splash background screen…I also know the Ender is reading the SD card fine…I successfully reverted back to stock Marlin .with no issues. I’m following the steps as directed by the Sonic Pad…am I missing something here? Appreciate my assistance that can be provided.


As stupid as this is, you cannot just connect via USB to the Ender 3 V3 SE, as far as I know.
You actually need an adaptor, which you use instead of your original display and then that connects to your SonicPad.
Once the Sonic Pad is connected, you no longer use your original display panel.
Here is the adaptor on Amazon

Also, I gave up on my Sonic Pad, trying to get it to work properly with the SE, and instead I sold my SE, the Sonic Pad is in it’s box, and I now have the Ender 3 V3 (corexz), which has Klipper out of the box.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have the serial cable already…have 2 in fact, but seem to be getting the same issues :frowning: