Sonic Pad for KE

Can the Ender 3 v3 KE use the sonic pad?

No, the KE pretty much has the Sonic Pad built in already.

Thanks for the reply. There is a difference, right? The sonic pad has additional connectivity? Full Klipper? And more? I am just trying to find a way to connect to my PC wired instead of wireless. I thought the sonic pad, if it would work with the KE, would give me that access.

Check YouTube - there are a few folks that tell you how to root the KE and install the full versions of Klipper software components.

This one has step-by-step instructions:

Thanks, Victor.

I have watched that video. It’s my understanding that rooting the pad voids the warranty. I am more interested in connecting my KE to my computer via a wired connection of some type. I was thinking the Sonic Pad might afford me that way in but it appears that the pad is a dead end as well. I will just keep searching.

I have my V3 SE connected via a Sonic Pad on LAN rather than WIFI I should imagine the KE, which I also have but using WIFI, would be a similar connection. Serial port to USB connector.

Bonfireman, I appreciate your comments. There are some differences in the connectivity of the two machines. I am taking a deeper dive before I give you a final reply. I do know that the SE mainboard has usb and wifi connectivity onboard. The KE only has the serial port, underneath the pad, that connects to the main board. There are 3 USB ports on the pad but I have, yet, to find a definitive answer regarding what you can do with them, other than sneaker net your models to print. Kipper runs, on the SE, from the motherboard, while, on the KE klipper runs from the pad. I will be back after I learn more…It’s, exactly, the ability of the SE to connect, easily to the Sonic Pad and then on to a wired network, that I am searching for on the KE.

I think there is confusion here. The SE does not have WIFI, that is why I connected mine to a Sonic Pad, it now connects via WIFI and LAN. The KE has WIFI built in but doesn’t have ethernet and only USB on the pad. The SE has SD card and MicroUSB on the left side of the machine, but these become nullified/redundant once connected to a Sonic Pad. The same cable that connects both pads should connect to the Sonic Pad using a cable like this, thats the cable I have on my SE to connect to my Sonic Pad along with my Ender 5 plus. I’ve not done this to my KE as it is already connected to WIFI.

You are correct. I was confused at the time I wrote that, I was aware the SE didn’t have wifi, built in, I said it did. Sorry! I am interested in that serial cable. So, if I plug the motherboard serial cable, that now goes to the Nebula Pad, into the Sonic Pad, instead of the Nebula Pad, I would have the same functionality as before? Or better? That would be great. Then, all I have to do is figure out how to plug my CR-10s into the Sonic Pad.

I think the only real gain for a KE to be connected to a Sonic Pad is an ethernet LAN connection, a bigger screen and slightly better Klipper. I have a V3 SE and Ender 5 plus connected but you can’t access them via Creality Print as individual printers also if you have a camera for each printer you can’t access both at the same time (annoying, sort it out Creality). I have to access each printer via the Sonic Pad IP address in a browser. Adding gcode by drag’n’drop.

Oh? You feel that the Sonic Pad’s Klipper is only marginally better than the Nebula? I was under the impression that the Sonic Pad’s was the full blown Klipper. Is that not correct? The bigger screen would be better for these old eyes, that’s for sure! I would prefer even bigger. After our Q&A last night, I went into the computer I have sitting next to the 3D printers, and turned on the WiFi on that computer. I have 5 desktops and none of them are running WiFi. I prefer the hard wire. But, so as not be forced to “thumbdrive” the models back and forth, I will let this one have it, for now. The Sonic Pad would be the only way, I see, to get wired connectivity to the KE. Unless, using that serial cable you mentioned, would allow me to plug directly into a PC running Octoeverywhere and Mainsail and so on.

My CR-10s has a wired connection to another of the PCs so it isn’t crucial that I have the Sonic for that but it would be nice to have them on a “hub” of sorts with the Sonic. If I can ever get the CR-10s going again, I will see what’s what.

My KE is a limited version of klipper as is the Sonic pad, unless I root them I won’t get full klipper, not sure I want to do that yet. I can access them both by web interface, make changes to speed on the fly etc. No thumbdrive useage at all. The KE I can print directly but takes a different path slightly to use the Sonic Pad. Both I can print from the web interface, Like I said main difference is the LAN connection rather than WIFI. Not use a CR-10 but if it is like my Ender 5 plus it would be good to connect 4 printers to one bit of kit. Really happy that I can use both the V3 SE and 5 plus from the same Sonic Pad. Bit miffed I can’t connect my Snapmaker to the Sonic Pad but hey.

What slicer are you using on the SE, Cura, Prusa, Creality? I don’t see a optimal Cura path, yet, for the KE. I am not willing, as long as I am in the warranty period, to root my box. Some are saying that Creality has released the software to PD and rooting allowances are forthcoming, not so sure.

I use Creality Print on all 3 of my Enders, does what I need. Warranty is probably void on all 3 with all the mods I made to them. The only thing standard on my Ender 5 plus is the frame. My KE has the linear rail mods, but can be swapped back to rods if it goes pear shaped. My SE is nearest to “standard” I would only have to change firmware to take it back to the original screen (and that is when I realise how much nicer the Sonic Pad is compared to an SE interface)

Did you notice any significant difference when you did the linear rails? I watched the video that NeedItMakeIt, on YouTube, made showing his swap over to the linear rails. Is that the mod you did or did you use the one piece rear mod that I also saw? I used Cura on my 10s but, so far, Creality print, on the ender, is getting it done for me, as well.

My KE had a bit of a rock on the bed so I did the linear rail, I did the mod mentioned in this thread no more rocking at all. Sounds different, build/print quality is about the same but it does fix dodgy rods. On my V3 SE I haven’t needed to do this as the rods are all square and true.