Speed settings on creality slicer don't apply when printing

Hello everyone!
I recently bought an Ender-3 V3 printer and i love it. It’s really fast… so fast that it looks that is going to break down!.
Im using Creality Slicer (didnt try the new 5.0 version yet) to send my stuff… i change the speed setting on the settings, save them and then send to print…
At first, when doing the support it prints slow, but after that it starts to print as faster as always. It seems the speed setting didnt apply.

Is there anything im doing wrong?. I even created a new profile to play with the speed settings with no results. Printer always print with the same fast speed.

Thanks in advance!

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Use Orca Slicer. Creality Slicer is a mess. Version 5 doubled the Creality Slicer’s effectiveness–from 10% as good as Orca to 20% as good as Orca. It’s so far behind, it is sad.

Great! I will give it a try! Thank you very much!

Hello @Mondisgraf …! :wave:

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I assume you are talking about Creality Print…? It’s a whole different animal than the online Creality Slicer.

You might already know this but on your Ender-3 V3 there is actually a speed setting you can adjust while it’s printing…

Hello Jim!

Thanks for your answer. Yes, you are right, im talking about Creality Print.
I didn’t know that you could adjust the speed setting while printing!.. I assume that maybe there were something on the Ender printer settings to adjust the speed, but i didnt dare to investigate.
I will do as you say!. Thank you!