Sprite Extruder Ender 3v2

Hi all,

I recently purchased and installed the Sprite Extruder On my Ender 3v2. I’ve been trying to print the same object at varying using PLA rated between 200-230 degrees. Unfortunately, with each print, I get quality very similar to the image below.

I’ve also tried with two different filament types and have had the same luck. In addition, a Temperature test produced a horribly printed tower.

Any ideas/tips I can use to get better print quality?

Looks like it is underextruding, adjusted your e-steps? Should be around 420 I think.

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Hi @bj9710 and welcome to the forums.

When you installed the Sprite extruder did you update your firmware?

The Sprite uses a different esteps value to the standard extruder and if you dont update the value you will usually get under extrusion.

Generally the default esteps value for the Sprite extruder should be approx 424.9 which equates to approx 7.530000 rotation distance.

Hi @Nikoli , thanks for the response. I’m also using the Sonic pad and upgraded the firmware for both i believe. Do you happen to know where in the printer.config this should be set at?

Think its called rotational distance on the Sonic Pad

You’re welcome, yes if you click on the Configuration tab on the sidebar of the Sonic Pad web UI and then select printer.cfg, locate the section titled [extruder] and you should see rotation_distance, make sure the value is set to 7.530000 and then Save & Restart at the top of the screen.

If you then do a flow rate test you should find that it extrudes correctly.