The MicroSD that arrived with the Falcon 2 40W is defective

Hi everyone,

I received my beast of a engraver(FALCON2 40W) this monday, but the MicroSD card seems to be defective. Tried the cheap little bugger on 3 different computers, changed the usb to microsd adapter, but its the same results. So i called amazon and obviously they want to replace the whole thing…which i dont want to do.

Theres any online repository for the documents, manuals, settings, videos on the defective SD card? i dont care about the software, i already have the full version of lightburn, but the pdf files…i would really love to have those specs.



I guess there is no harm sending you the content of the SD card.
I have the 22w version, but the SD card seem to include info for the 40w.
However, I tried to ZIP the content, but it doesn’t like the Chinese characters in file names.

I’ll try to find another way to provide them to you.