Totally disgusted with creality

I have spent enough on replacing parts to get this piece of crap (Ender 3 ve se) running, can someone recommend a different company that is supposed to do what the ender is said to Do? (Like actually work!) need some for the school I teach at - I’m glad I waited to put in my request to the District office, multi-color would be nice.

The SE is great if you know what you are doing. I’m guessing you want something more plug’n’play. What is your budget? You will need a bigger budget if you can’t use a basic machine like an SE, a very simple to use machine once you know the basics.

Multi colour look at a Bambu but your budget will be 6X that of an SE.

I do not blame You being pissed at Creality-I have a CR10 (not so) SMART PRO that needs a new board because it somehow bricked itself whilst being updated (so I was told by the last owner), so I contact Creality to get a new board for an 18 month old printer yea…

“i’m sorry we don’t make that board any more and we do not have any plans to make it in the future”!!

So WTF are community members supposed to do now? I told the girl it was VERY bad Customer service to release a printer and then 18 months later suddenly decide you’re not going to support it anymore yet they continue to support my six-year-old ender three with every update imaginable “From a Tesla charging station to a tea and coffee maker” etc (Seriously what did they not make for an Ender three these days🤷‍♂️)

Why is it so hard for them to just continue to make what is apparently a problem circuit board because there’s more than a couple of these printers out there, Or if they don’t want to do that that’s fine they should release a customer announcement letting them know what they can use instead in place of the original board if they are not going to make that board anymore! I was always very impressed with Creality Because of my ender being one of the very first batch and never once giving any trouble-But after this CR10 (not so) SMART PRO Experience I have a totally different view of them!!

Has anybody else out there had a similar experience? What have you done to replace the original original board And keep the sprite extruder? Does the CR6 board really work?