Troubleshooting Air Assist?

I saw that the Air Assist flashing red is normal for when the system is idle, but, I just did a cut with air assist enabled in lightburn and the air assist kept flashing red.

It didn’t seem to throw any errors and it completed the cut (albeit leaving me with a lens flashing red).

I haven’t been able to find any troubleshooting tips to try to figure out where the problem might lie so I’m hoping for some suggestions.

Hi there.
Did you turn on the wheel on the left side all the way to the max?
LightBurn can control the air, but it requires to be at full speed.

Would it surprise you to hear that I didn’t even REALIZE there was a dial there until a few hours after I posted?


That’s also how I found out that there doesn’t seem to be a delete post function. =D

No troubles.
The important thing is that you figure it out and it’s working now (I expect it does!)


There should be an option to delete your post. Under the post is an icon with 3 dots and in there I believe you can delete your post…


Thanks @jimandyen for confirming this.
For my part, I did see the option under the … menu, but I wasn’t sure if it was only available for replies, so I didn’t mention it…maybe I should have!