Under extrusion with other problems

My printer has been not working properly for a week now. It underextrudes and the software glitchs frequently. I tried to print a benchy and this happened. The software glitch is stated in another topic I made which is linked here: Ender 3 v3 SE is not showing print data and printing for new files - #8 by FTS_1366

Is this a PETG?
Give us some more information.
Do you use Creality print? Try Orca Slicer.
For PLA Orca Slicer default profiles works just great.
For PETG i had a little problem with something similar to your benchy but yours is much worse.

Install Orca and if it is PETG slow down outer wall speed to 50mm/s and tick out “Slow down for overhangs”. Also restrict maximum overall print speed by setting “Max volumetric speed”. If it help we can try to tune it further.
You can change those settings in Creality print but i don’t know where are they. I am waiting for Creality print v5 for linux to try it out.

Oh I use PLA because that’s the only filament I have. I think it’s a hardware issue because it doesn’t extrude even though it’s not clogged