Updating screen firmware gets stuck on "updating from SD card"

Hi. So I tried to klipperise my ender 3 v3 se, failed, and tried to go back to Marlin. When I booted it up it just showed a Chinese selection screen with nothing on it (the top was in Chinese) and then if i clicked anything it just went to auto-leveling. Then, I tried to update the screen firmware with the .tft file, but that caused it to get stuck on “updating from SD card”. I’m relatively skilled in 3d printers but this has stumped me.

When flashing the screen you must make sure you copy the entire TJC_SET folder and its contents on to the SD card, the tft file alone usually does not work.

Also be sure to format the SD card as FAT32 with 4096 allocation size.

When it comes to flashing the printer be sure to rename the firmware file to something like Firmware.bin, if the filename is too long the printer wont read it correctly.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks, I’ll try that.

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