V3 .filament feed problem

I have printed several items since I received this printer a couple of days ago very successfully.
BUT there is a definite problem with the design of the filament feed (in my opinion) The filament is very congested as it comes off the spool and into the feed line .During the motions of the set up process the filament is stretched of the spool and then allowed to coil around the base of the printer and has got caught on the stepper motor connection in that part of the printer several times.
I believe that a protector /cover is needed over the stepper motor to stop this problem .It is a little disappointing to find this problem .It looks as if the spool holder was an after thought. Apart from this problem ,I’m pretty happy with tihs pronter.

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On the Ender-3 V3 there is a file to print a filament holder that mounts on top. I’ve been using it but it bypasses the filament detector so it’s not perfect. I guess relocating the filament sensor would be something to work on… :grin:

I agree that the feed system needs mods. The good thing is that the frame of this Ender is much sturdier.

Greetings Jim
I am aware of the printable holder ,but up until now ,have not seen any reference to it.
Yes the frame is sturdier and I am happy with the printer BUT the filament feed is a major cock up and I am sure we should/hope see some mods soon.

I hope so too…!

I actually did review on the Creality FB page and asked about that.


Ender-3 V3 Review on FB

If you run the filament from the back of the top spool it will run through up into the sensor.
I also made a cover from thin plastic card that stops the filament from contacting the wiring around the lower stepper motors.

I’ll try it that way. Thanks…! :+1: