V3 KE Bed Screw Size?

I noticed some bed wobble on my V3 KE so I wanted to try tightening the screws that hold it down. Ended up stripping one, got it out but I need to get it replaced. Went to Home Depot and grabbed what I thought would work but they were a little to thick and would not thread. Emailed Creality support twice and finally got a response and they said it was M3 screws. Ok, went back to Home Depot and got M3 x 25mm screws and these are too small and don’t thread. At a complete loss here, does anyone have the actual answer to what size screws I need to get to get my bed screwed in and get this printer going again?

M4x25 csk for the bed screws, no special thread form, I’ve just measured them this evening. You are the second person on here to strip screws today, perhaps they had a bad batch of screws. Nearly all of the other screws on the printer are M3.

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Thank you so much man, I finally have a working V3 KE again!!

Great to know, keep a couple of spares should one strip again or even worse you lose one by accident.