V3 KE nozzle bumping infill

Whenever my ender 3 V3 KE nozzle travels over the infill, the nozzle hits the ridges and makes a juddering noise. Any ideas? Using PLA

I noticed the same using PETG. Adjusted my Z Hop a bit and seems better.

Hi @Joe_Maude and welcome to the forums!

You could also try changing the infill pattern to something like Gyroid as that may help :slight_smile:

Thanks will give this a try

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Just wondering how you solved the nozzle hitting the infill problem. I had hoped with the Ender 3 v3 ke’s auto calibration for z offset that I would not have to tinker with the settings too much. I am running all the calibrations in Creality Print (currently doing the Max flowrate) and making adjustments and I only have the first layer level to tweak and to figure out why the nozzle is hitting the infill while printing (lines are no problem just the infill).

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I noticed that too once in a while.
What infill pattern are you using…?
I wonder if you lowered the Flow rate a bit if that would work…?


Thanks for the welcome.

Infill pattern is ZigZag

I did the Creality Print calibration tests (except for VFA). Here is what I have set:

Material Flow Ratio: 96
Max volumetric speed: 10
Material pressure advance length: 0.100

Using a temperature of 210 (initial printing is 215 and final printing temp is 200)
Bed temp is 60

The Ender 3 v3 ke is does the calibration for Z-Hop automatically. On the printer settings it has Z Hop Speed as 10 mm/s

I sometimes have the same issue. It doesn’t affect the print but it’s unnerving for sure. Nothing like a grinding sound to bring out the paranoia.

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