VFA calibration

I did the VFA calibration test but i don’t know where to change the value in the settings ?
In the tutorial page, it says “refer to the calibration process of pressure advance and maximum volume flow” but it doesnt say where the setting is.
Thank you

Have you found the edit button at the bottom of the printer pane? In there there is a page for material, you should find all the pressure advance and things in there.

Yes i know where to find the pressure advance and the maximum volume flow, but i dont know what VFA means. In the tutorial, it says “VFA (Vibration)”, but i can’t find any settings with VFA or vibration in the name.

In the VFA calibration tab, the start, end and step is in mm/s so i’m guessing i will have to change a setting that is in mm/s but i dont know which one.

Had to do a bit of digging VFA is vertical fine artifacts it is to do with printing speed. Something from an Orca blog that might help. Not sure you can do an awful lot apart from trial and error, assuming that you have a standard V3 SE, you can’t do vibration compensation on that you’d need a sonic pad or similar for that.

Are the sensors for the vibration compensation built into the Sonic and not part of the “body” of the printer?

The sensor is an add on that has to be attached to the printer. I printed a mounting for the hotend for the X axis and I driled and tapped the base plate for the Y axis, though you can probably find a printed version rather than drilling the base. This is the sensor, to connect to the Sonic Pad you need the serial cable. To connect to the Nebula pad you need the USB-C cable /bangs head on the table again for not having everything equal. So be careful when ordering the sensor that you get the right cable.

Did you gain any (real world) noticeable benefits?

On the Ender 5 plus yes definitely but not really on the KE/SE.

Good to know. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole unless it’s by my own free will! :smile: