Warning Key:2022 unknown exception

Hello everyone, I recently bought my ender 3 v3 ke, I was very happy, but since the second day I have been having problems with it, every print I try to pass shows this error Key: 2252, Unknown Expectation. What do I have to do?

Read 2 things it might be. First was loose Y axis belt. Second was something to do with the build plate, is it connected up properly?

it´s that all ok .

The Y belt adjustment there is an allen screw in the middle at the rear of the machine that needs tightening a little.

The bed is a little more tricky, check the wires coming out of the bed to see if any are damaged. Check the wire is connected to the motherboard, means taking the base off and having a look. Check the magnetic build plate screws are nice and tight, not sure that that would throw an error but check them anyway, mine were loose.

I believe @Bonfireman is correct about the connections. I believe I threw that code on my KE when I was assembling my replacement printer and it was the bed connection. Just re-tighten all the connections and belt and you should be good to go.