Weird printing on my V3 SE

It will all be printing away at full speed quite normally then every so often the print will slow to an almost stop for a few minutes. Then resume printing normally for a while then go on slow motion again. Nothing special about the print, its a KE hotend housing so basically a box. Sliced with Creality Print 4.8, not tried other slicers to see if they do it too.

Maybe the stepper drivers or motherboard is getting too hot and thermal throttling is kicking in.

I don’t think it is a heating problem, no errors on my Sonic Pad. Ran the same print from Prusa and a very similar slow down. Ran it in Cura and it is all running normally.

Thanks for letting us know. Interesting slicer issue. Maybe it has something to do with the minimum layer time setting. There is a setting which makes it wait a minimum time, so a layer to cool down before printing the next layer,