What's happening here? Latest Firmware V3 KE

My Ender 3 KE says I have Firmware installed however every time I start it up it says “Current firmware, Latest firmware”

If I press “update” then it installs the “latest” but then on startup it says:
“Current firmware 1.1.09, Latest firmware” and wants me to downgrade. What’s going on here?

Image of updated firmware.

Image of message now upon every startup.

Did you have a download glitch as it installed first time for me.

I’m not sure. Possibly (?) It did it on it’s own without me prompting (WiFi). Even today when I booted it up the message appeared. I guess I’m going to try a factory reset and then a Benchy today. It couldn’t hurt could it?! :woozy_face:

Eeee this is frustrating, was printing away yesterday, perfect prints. Updated the firmware because of this thread and now, even with calibration, it isn’t adhering. Don’t ya just love this hobby. Let the fiddling begin :slight_smile:

That"s certainly annoying! You’d think a Firmware update would make things better!

I finally gave up and did a factory reset and I"m actually on a the second attempt of a Flow2 test. The first one didn’t make it past rectangle 2 so I adjusted the Z using the paper method and while it’s not done yet, I’ve gotten much further.

Re Firmware Update: When I updated the firmware it “Zeroed” everything. My Z adjustment was lost. Maybe that’s your issue?

“Don’t you just love this hobby?” LOL I’ll let you know if I ever have any consistent success. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Keep me posted on your progress.

Factory reset has cleared the error but the Z height is all over the place despite the self-test routine and dropping the Z height by 0.05mm in Creality Print. Another thing is that the camera is now really laggy, before the update is was pretty smooth. Some more setting up to do for Z height it seems.

edit had to up the Z height to -0.15mm on Creality Print, rebooting the laptop improved the camera performance so that was a laptop problem not firmware update.

edit: upped Z height to -0.25mm, the edges curled on the last print, I knew this would be fun.

I got curious as to what you are printing. Edges curling…? Like a warping thing…?

Yes warping on the corners, imagine a square beer coaster, similar to that. Adjusted my temps down and it is improved, its just corner curl, had it many times on different printers. Sunlu PLA+ material, shall try it with Sunlu PETG later too. Think it is an easy fix. More interested in the change in Z offset between firmware versions and having to reset to factory, never had to do a reset on any other firmware on any of my other 3 printers.

I said Sunlu PLA+ it was actually Sunlu PLA recycled filament, throws up another small varialble… The Sunlu virgin material PETG was perfect even though Creality Print thinks that 250C is ok, a little higher than I usually print PETG at, by 20 degrees.

When you say: “upped Z height to -0.25mm” does that mean you increased it -0.25 from an existing number or is that the actual Z reading on the display?

it was on zero on the display and had to increase it to 0.25mm closer to the bed.

Hmm, after auto calibration (and without any additional adjustments) my Z was reading -2.34 and I still had to adjust it. I wonder if that number is “normal” and why it was so high after calibration? After calibration shouldn’t everything be “zeroed” and then adjusted from a null point?

No it is very rare to ever see 0 as the value as all printers, motors and mechanisms have different tolerances so not everyone will necessarily have the same offset value.

Thanks, that gives me a bit more “piece of mind” :+1: :smiley:

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You are very welcome :slight_smile: most of the time when a printer has a bed leveling probe fitted the z offset is more commonly the difference between the probe and the nozzle not just the distance from the bed. This is quite often why you will see a negative value as the probe tends to be slightly lower than the nozzle when leveling.