When to change nozzle size

bought a nozzle pack. what prints do i use a 6 or 5 nozzle instead of the standard 4?

there is a print i woud like to do of the middle finder. i want to do it without a bunch of infill. my best guess would be to use a fatter nozzle and increase wall size.


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To answer your question about nozzle size I think the standard size of .4 is just fine otherwise you will have to change settings in the slicer to accommodate the larger size. And it’s kind of a hassle to change nozzles all the time depending on what printer you’re using.
The .4 would be able to give more detail in a print than a .6. If you were using a wood filament then a larger nozzle size such as a .6 would be better to avoid clogging…

I hope that kind of answers your question…?