Why is spool holder too thick for filament spools?

I have several complaints about the Ender 3 V3 KE spool holder and enclosure.

  1. Why is the spool holder so thick that it won’t fit many filament spools?

  2. Why is the recommended enclosure one inch too short to fit filament spools?

Are there any workarounds or upgrades suggestions?

What do you mean by too thick? Do you mean the diameter is too big? From what I remember of spool holders, I no longer use them, they are wider than your average spool and the spool just dangles on it’s inner bore diameter.

Yes, the spool holder does not fit through the hole of most of my filament spools. Is there a replacement or upgrade with a thinner diameter holder?

How do you support the spool during printing if you don’t use a spool holder?

What sort of diameter are you looking at? The spool holder is about 30mm diameter and the spools that I use are about 60mm.

I print directly from a filament dryer, it has rollers instead of a central spool holder. There are some prints on Thingiverse for some roller type holders rather than the centre spool that might help.

The Creality spool holder has a flange diameter of 37mm and my spools have an inside diameter of 32mm.

Oh I see, even if you were to remove the flange (cut end off or pop it in a lathe) it would be a close fit. Which make of filament are those? Roller spool holder might help

I’ve never had an issue with the KE spool holder. I stopped using it when I realized it was contributing to unwanted vibrations due to the high center of gravity, construction and it’s mass when holding filament. I just use a Comgrow 2x filament dryer. I think having the filament on such a “flimsy” machine is a horrible design.

That’s pretty small… What brand of filament…? My smallest is about 50mm.

Very small I would be tempted to use a bit of M8 studding to hang it on. Or buy some filament like Sunlu/Jayo/Overture that has a bigger bore.