Wifi frequencies ender 3 V3 ke


I recently bought ender 3 V3 ke. However when it arrived to my country, customs insists on getting specs for the wifi frequencies.

Can anyone please help me with a formal document that shows the wifi frequencies of the ke?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Asael and welcome to the forums.

I am unsure how much information you need in regards to the details of the wifi certification but the printer generally has 2.4Ghz wifi built in only.

I know that might not be enough info for customs so you may need to contact Creality customer support for verification.

Thank you very much,

I will try creality customer service, but since they are on holiday until Feb 17th I was hoping someone might already have a document showing the wifi frequencies, because I couldn’t find one…

Thanks again for your reply, I appreciate it!

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Good luck, I hope you get the info you need soon!