X-Y Shift During Print

So I’ve had this happen a couple of times now and I’m not sure if it’s a slicer, printer or transfer issue.
After ruining a nearly 400 gram print l’m a little miffed to say the least.

Printer: K1 Max
Slicer: Creality Print
Using LAN (WiFi) to transfer g-code.

Pictures of the failures

Filament catching on something or has a twist on the reel, I’ve had big shifts before through this.

All the belts reasonably tight…?
Build plate not loose.?
No loose screws anywhere…?

Spool was nice and free. Unless the print head wire harness hooked on something I can’t see a bound up filament causing both the X and Y motors to jump teeth, IME with PLA and this printer it will either snap the filament or chew it up in the extruder wheels.

Can’t find any issues physically, just ran this off (10 and a bit hours) without fault

That print came out pretty good…! What is that color…?

Just a suggestion. You can turn off the calibration as you don’t need to run it every time.

Nothing fancy, just Eryone red PLA printed using the stock Creality Hyper PLA settings with brim/supports turned off and 15% gyroid infill.

I run the calibration anytime I change filament, it seems to keep the first layer more consistent.

Got it…! :+1: :dragon:

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I love me some Cinderwing dragons.

Back to black with less parts this time and it failed again. I also had a SW crash during slicing so I can’t help but wonder if it’s a slicer issue rather than physical printer issue. Guess I’m gonna have to go back to Prusa and see how that goes.

At this point I’m 90% sure it’s a Creality slicer issue. Gone back to V3.7 and it slices in a matter of seconds and has produced probably some of the cleanest prints I’ve had so far…

Which version of Creality Slicer did you have before? I have 4.8.2 build 291, but because it hasn’t got a V3 KE profile I keep using Creality Print instead.

What’s the difference between Creality Slicer and Creality Print?

Slicer looks like a version of Cura. Print is Creality’s own slicer, not sure if it is a fork, but the seem to be concentrating on that instead.

Interesting, I read Creality Print was just a “skin” of an older version Cura. Since it doesn’t have a KE profile I guess I’ll stick with Print. The One Click Printing is the reason I don’t bother with the others (even though their “better”)

Apologies for the confusion, I’ve been using Print the whole time.
V4.3.8.6984 Win 64 was the one causing me grief, I’ve uninstalled that completely and gone back to V4.3.7.6619 Win 64 which seems to be working much better.

Use the latest Cura and see how that goes, have been using it with excellent results.

Just out of curiosity where did you get that earlier version of Creality Print?