Z Axis discrepancy with Creality Print

Good morning! (at least where I am)
I created a simple G-Code to use when I clean my build plate. All it does is extend the plate and raises the hot end to position 200. When executing the code in Creality Print the Z axis is being reported as 199.9. Is this correct or a possible error in Creality Print?

Here is the G-Code

G1 X110 Y200 Z200
M84 X Y Z E

And Creality Print


Thanks - Rich

That pretty darn close. So the space between the nozzle and build plate is figured in there…? Hmm. Just wondering. 199.9 + Z offset of .1 = 200. Just guessing here…
What if you set the code to :

G1 X110 Y200 Z200.1
M84 X Y Z E


The Z axis compensation is -2.62

It looks like Creality Print has a Z error of 0.1 or there is something I am not taking into consideration.


I’m pretty sure you are right.

So, a followup. I noticed that my first layer seemed to be a little high on the Z axis so I adjusted the Z offset down a little. Now Creality Print reflects what I would expect.
Best wishes - Rich K9WG