Z Rods Screw Tightness

I’m troubleshooting some printing concerns and came across this part which holds the Z Rods in place (not sure of the correct par name). Aside from the belt tension screws all bolts/screws are snug tight and these are not. They are, by comparison, pretty loose. Should they be snug tight like the other bolts or do these bolts have to do with tension on the rod?

Saw this somewhere the other day, general consensus was they shouldn’t be wound up tight. More like tighten them and then back them off a half turn, consensus being that it takes up any Z wobble from out of true rods. Prevents Z banding. I have something similar on my Ender 5+ with the WobbleX system.

Thanks I thought so. They were over loose so I went ahead anyway without confirmation. I’ll back off a bit as you suggested. Hopefully that was my issue. :crossed_fingers: