Adhesion problem to the plate

Hello everyone

after about ten prints of miniatures and some larger objects, my new ender 3 v3 printer decided to no longer adhere the first layer of pla to the plate. I have carried out several automatic calibrations, I have cleaned the plate with alcohol and also with dish degreaser, but the situation, although improved, shows no signs of resolving. the first millimeters of print are ruined and not perfectly adherent to the plate. Can I use a glue stick on the plate or other methods to try to fix it? Thanks for your suggestions

One thing to check is the nozzle distance (Z offset) from the bed. It might need adjusting. Not sure why it would change or move. Different nozzle, build plate or just something got loose…
Even if the bed is level and the nozzle is a little too far from the bed nothing will stick properly…
Of course you can try adhesive but nothing will work until the bed is level and the nozzle is checked… :+1:

How do I understand how much to change the z offset? Do I turn the knob clockwise 0.01 for each print test?

I only know how to adjust the Z using Creality Print. A minus number will bring the nozzle closer to the bed…
You could calibrate and measure what the distance is.

Not sure if this would be applicable to your exact printer but this might be a start:

Ender 3 Z offset setting

Possible cross-post…

bonjour actuellement sur orca avec ma ender se
j’ai pris le réglage marlin standard et fais les test de calibration
j’ai crée ma propre au fur et a mesure et pour chaque filament pareil
il faut le faire pour chaque buse 0.4 qui est le standard par contre le crée soit même pour la buse 0.2 ou voir sur si il y a deja une config

le profil ender se de orca et nul et m’a déréglé toute ma machine