Creality Print 5.0.0 Release


Toujours pas le français dans Creality_print 5.03 alors que le français est bien dans Orca Slicer.
Si l’imprimante Ender 3 V3 SE est maintenant disponible, toujours pas l’Ender 3 V2 Neo.
De plus j’utilise Octoprint pour mes 2 Creality et si Orca Slicer permet la connexion réseau avec Octoprint, aucune possibilité avec Creality_print. A quand la possibilité d’imprimer via Octoprint depuis Creality_print ?



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Still no French in Creality_print 5.03 while French is fine in Orca Slicer.
If the Ender 3 V3 SE printer is now available, still not the Ender 3 V2 Neo.
In addition I use Octoprint for my 2 Creality and if Orca Slicer allows network connection with Octoprint, no possibility with Creality_print. When will it be possible to print via Octoprint from Creality_print?


le problème est que Print5 est un dérivé d’ORCA. Il est donc préférable d’utiliser l’original. Voici un lien vers ma liste de raisons:

C’est pour cela que j’utilise Orcaslicer et jamais Creality_print.

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This is why I use Orcaslicer and never Creality_print.

Of course not! I think double compensation of PA would probably not be very good.

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thank you the rest of the forum experts don’t always know either an answer when a difficult question comes along

here is my pa tower testprint: PETG_250 nozzle/70 bed

pa line

printed it with both pa in creality print on(0,02) and motion advance on

I have set the pressure advance off in creality print 5.0 for now.

Hmm, that’s interesting. In my Ender printer in PA line test no major differences were visible (rather, they could be sensed before it was clearly visible), on the PA tower it was already visible a lot. I personally use this tower modification:

And this tower you can find in standard ORCA instalation in calibration folder, just rename as default PA tower file used in calibration and voila — you can use it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll email it. STL files cannot of course be uploaded to the forum here.
My values ​​are then as follows:
pressure_advance_smooth_time: 0.001
pressure_advance: 0.086
At the same time, I found that increasing the value of PA-ST only worsens the achieved result, so I set the lowest possible value (zero is not allowed).
If I print a PA-tower with this setting, it’s absolutely smooth, as smooth as baby skin.
And also — I control the PA in Kliper (that is, in the printer or Sonic Pad) and not in the slicer.


reporting a bug:

when I do auto layout with creality print 5.0 it does not take enough distance of the objects when using supports.
The supports are overlapping eachother and when printing the little pieces of filament are flying around over the bed where the overlapprinting of the supports takes place.

wrong auto layout

right manual layout

And how will it arrange it when the supports are turned off, is it okay or will CP5 do it badly too?

When supports are turned off It will arrange it as in the picture “wrong auto layout” but then without the green colored supports.

That CP 5.0 arrange good