Ender 3 v3 KE hot bed leveling failure

Hi all,
so in the past few days that I have the printer i encountered the bad hot bed leveling issue.
I had some issues with the hot bed leveling getting faulty prints on the right hand of the hot bed.

I ran some test prints and a few auto bed leveling and the back right side of the bed is too low after bed leveling.

I followed Creality youtube video on fixing the bed leveling on the SE version.

I Followed as this:

  1. I removed the hot bed screws.

  2. I made sure that the hot bed and the slider bed are horizontal as shown in the video.

3.I lowered the the X-axis to equal hight and found out that the right hand side of the X-axis is bit higher then the left side one.

I released the right hand Z-axis sync wheel jackscrew couplling and lowered the right side hand of the X-axis a bit to be equal with the left side. and then tighten the sync wheel jackscrew and the hot bed as well.

4.I did a factory reset and after the checkup

the result was almost the same with a small improvement but still the right back of the hot bed was too low.

  1. I made another manual hot bed leveling. But this time i made the X-axis leveling on the back side of the bed,and rechecked with the front right hand of the bed the leveling again. this time i found out that the right back side is lower than the right front side, about 1.5 mm off

I tried to tighten the right front screw of the hot bed but its still not enough for the leveling

and the back right hand is still low from the front side when the auto leveling is done.

The auto Z offset as well as Z adjustments won’t compensate the big difference between the measurements (0.32-(-0.72)).

With this setting ,printing the whole bed 220x220 mm with 0.02 layer results are:
In the right front corner side of the bed the PLA has bad adhering and won’t stick to the bed unless i’m adjusting the Z offset farther more.
The right back side corner of the bed the PLA has great adhering and it’s good up to the left back side of the bed.
From the back left corner to the front left corner the nozzle is to much close to the bes and smiring the PLA on the bed .
From the front left corner to the right corner there is good adhering as well up to the point of no adhering in the right corner (about 15 mm before).

what i’m missing with my bed leveling ?

i’m thinking on adding some washers to the back right side screw to level it the front right corner.
also thinking on putting some masking tape to compensate the difference between the corners.

I did send this info to thcreslty after sales service.
and when i’m printing in the middle of the bed medium parts i do get good prints

Hi @Guy_sevi and welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear you are having such issues with the level of the bed, it does sound like the bed is warped in some way possibly from shipping. I would recommend checking over all of the fixtures under the bed to make sure nothing it loose and also check the rails that the bed rides on are not loose in anyway. I believe there may be a grub screw of some sort to tighten them.

If everything is tight and as it should be and there is still issues then by all means see how you get on with adding washers to shim the bed. In the meantime hopefully you will hear back from the support team soon, they are backlogged lately so replies may take longer than usual. Good luck and hope the issue gets resolved.

Hey @Nikoli,
Thank you very much for your advice i will check up your suggestion.
Meanwhile Creality did answer my mail and asked for some videos of the problem.
I will post their advice on the problem after i will get some answers.

Thank you very much for your help

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You are very welcome @Guy_sevi

Glad to hear that you also heard back from the support team, hopefully your printer issues will be resolved very soon! :slight_smile: