Ender 3 V3 SE Y axis grinding noise "FIX"

I have the benchy that came with the Ender-3 V3 you can have if you want…

Yes please I think you can DM that to me here.


Just a quick update, after a month of conversations with Creality and being sent the wrong parts, I have eventually received the replacement linear rod.
I am pleased to say the replacement is fine and the printer is a lot quieter and smoother running.
I have ordered linear rails however and will be doing the conversion the same as “Bonfireman”, if this goes well I will upgrade the X axis with a linear rail too.
I love tinkering, but it would have been cheaper to hold off the SE purchase and buy a KE, Oh the benefits of hindsight.

Well done on the new rails, seems they do eventually listen. The linear rail mod I have carried out on the KE, which means I have spare rods for the SE that I can tinker with if that gets noisy. There is an alternative rail print that uses 4 carriages instead of 2 which could be more problematic on such a small print bed if something isn’t quite square. Perhaps I might try that on the SE, when it gets some downtime.

Hi Bonfireman.
I think I have seen the 4 carriage mod, in fact I printed the rail holders, which sadly failed with a massive screw hole offset (they use a lot of PTFG)
I think this may well be overkill, but I will see how I get on.
The only other issue is they use 350mm rails so will need more investment to go this route.

Thank you so much for that update and getting the right replacements.
Thanks to @Bonfireman for the Bonfireman Special Custom Rail mods…
(Hope you don’t mind me calling it that… :grin:)

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Technically not my mod but happy to have tried it out.

I know. :slightly_smiling_face: Just glad you shared it…!!!

Yes but then you have to pay him royalties :astonished:

Are you running both machines off of 1 control pad (is that the Sonic?)

The SE and the 5+ are both on the one Sonic Pad, they are both running as I type this, also running a camera on each machine, but due to firmware you can only view one at a time and not both at the same time (Please Creality can you sort that out).

Occasionally one of the processes for one of the machines might crash, the other machine is unaffected. Had a spate of it crashing over and over, turned out to be a dodgy camera, all fine now the camera is gone.

Interesting. Apart from running multiple printers, are there any significant difference from the Nebula which would improve actual printing?

I don’t think there are any significant differences, the both run a version of Klipper. They may have a different screen layout but the Nebula on my KE does the same things as the Sonic Pad, the Nebula is just smaller. My main draw was being able to access/transfer over the network rather than going to each machine with a memory card, one has SD and one has MicroSD, of course they’re different /bangs head on desk.