Filament detector incorrect connectors for ender 3 v3 ve

The filament detector cable that connects to the mother board is a 4 pin connector and the mother board has 3 pin connector as shown in the instructions.

Is this a common problem?

The motherboard has a 4 pin connector! I assume its the filament run-out sensor You mean!
See here what I did:
Filament run-out sensor BUT its STILL necessary with a firmware update! It seems like Creality haven’t time for this!

Notice that instructions match the board IE a 3 male pin connector but the cable is a 4 pin female connector. I have asked to have a new cable sent. No Answer yet.
When I open the bottem I did not like that many of the connectors have silcone RTV holding them in place. Unconnecting will be a problem. I will return the filament sensor untill they have it right.

Sorry, but are we talking about the Ender 3 V3 SE ?
It has a 4 male pin connector!

the instructions that came with the kit. show the use of the 3 pin connector on the left side of my picture

I think You are talking about the Z limit port (marked with red) Its not in use.
Filament detection (marked with green) is the port for the filament run-out detection. But its not enabled in the firmware.
From Printer User Manual came with You printer.

Not according the instructions that came with the kit
I have decided to return the kit . it’s not ready

thanks for your information

Where did you get your board layout?

I got it from the Printer User Manual, it came with our printers.
I have tried the 3-pin port before: Filament run-out sensor
It did not work out. Look what the text says printed on the MB

You did better than me. My printer came only with the “quick installation guide” I looked at the wiki and saw the manual but it would not let download it.

The SD-card, delivered with the printer, should have a Zip-file named Ender-3 V3 SE supplementary files. Decompress it and hopefully You will find, among others the Printer User Manual.

In my case the card was unreadable and had to be reformatted to be used. I found The printer User Manual on Crealty’s web site. Thanks for all your help.