Leveling sensor chip abnormality, sensor damage or environmental impact

Mine is giving the error now. Its on the first try. I can hit resume and then resume again it goes past it and I get a bed level.

On the display its 2521 error.

So i can’t tell which sensor is giving me the issue.

// [RAISE_ERROR]{‘code’: ‘key522’, ‘msg’: ‘PR_ERR_CODE_PRES_NOT_BE_SENSED: The pressure data in channel={0} cannot be properly sensed.’, ‘values’: [3]}
!! {‘code’: ‘key522’, ‘msg’: ‘PR_ERR_CODE_PRES_NOT_BE_SENSED: The pressure data in channel={0} cannot be properly sensed.’, ‘values’: [3]}
!! {‘code’: ‘key522’, ‘msg’: ‘PR_ERR_CODE_PRES_NOT_BE_SENSED: The pressure data in channel={0} cannot be properly sensed.’, ‘values’: [3]}

So, not getting any values from the sensors.
Can you use a multimeter?

I’m curious what the feedback is on them. Can’t find any good info. Like a 10k thermistor, you know what the reading should be.

Any broken wires underneath?

No they sent me a new board, Installing in later.

Same issue. So probably load cells.

Really? Dang.
If possible, can you put a clamp on one (or all of em) and see if that changes anything?

They are sending me new load cells aka strain gauges. I can’t tell which one is the bad one. I was looking at the other posts and it wasn’t clear. The bed wont home so its probably the first one.

That’s awesome! Hope that clears the error!
I’d still love to know the resistance values of both what you have and the new ones when they get there.
Might help out other following this issue.
Please keep us posted!

Mine is just as unlevel on top of being unlevel. 1.562… the bend is .541mm. Creality told me the leveling sensors would handle upto 2mm. 1.562 is 1/16". No leveling sensors that i know of can compensate for that.

Does anyone know where I can buy the sensors to have on hand? Link? The error messege starting appearing on one of my K1 Max’s so i need to get new sensors and have a few on hand in case it happens to one of the other ones.

Gonna touch on a few points here, first off, Greets qwerty! Hope you find all the answers you need here (Printer related). I’ll start a new thread on positive affirmations later this week!
The sensors are based in the four corners and yes, the note I received from the engineering dept states 3mm max variation can be compensated for. Pretty outstanding I’d have to say!
Make sure that nothing extra is touching the area near them, they are incredibly sensitive, as I found out. When the machine does the self-level, it will hit the 4 corners, if that data is out of spec, it will do the 6x6 test.
These are Hx711 sensors, to the best of my knowledge (Feel free to educate me if I’m wrong) during a deep dive into the klipper dev rooms.
There is a lot of things that can influence the data from these, but prone to failure, they are not. Used because of their reliability.
***My Issue with this is not resolved, but…after 8-9 factory resets (some using earlier fw, kinda random, I just wanted to scramble it’s brain, lol) the results are very positive! I’m now printing again! Here’s 2 Layers of Transparent PETG it’s cloudy for a reason so don’t focus on the clarity.

This is a MASSIVE success, mind you this is the 3rd attempt. Ik some of my settings are a bit off, but I figured I’d try the hardest filament to print well (I’ve never printed w Clear PETG before) to see what happens.
Overture PETG, 250c bed 80c, 16% humidity, 120mm/s, Model fan @ 20%, 1st layer @ 44mm/s fan @ 10%, (During print: Flow @ +10%, Z-offset @ -0.010 -2nd layer -0.005)