New Ender 3 V3 KE Self-check issue

Hello everyone! I’m newbie in 3D printing and I bought a few days ago a Creality Ender 3 V3 KE. After the first steps (wifi, cloud etc) it enters the self-check menu (auto-detection) but the printing head (x-axis) shakes the entire printer and makes a lot of noise. Then I get the error message "WARNING key: 2022 Unknown exception ". Can you help me? Thank you!

Hi @Gabriel and welcome to the forums.

Please double check that you have the voltage selection switch set to the correct position for your region.

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Hi @Nikoli !

Thank you for your reply. I checked it and it was already on 230V (Europe) but it still didn’t work…

I would recommend contacting support with the information you have posted here to see if they can offer a solution for you as this sounds like a fault that support may need to look in to.

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Thank you! :+1:

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Did you get any solution? I have the exact same problem

Not yet, but I recommend sending a video and the problem description to the store where you bought the printer. I also did that and I’m waiting for an answer.

If you manually move the print head all the way to the left does the limit switch activate/click before you get to the end stop? Sounds like the answer is no, I had it on the y axis on a completely different printer, same major grinding/shaking. Not sure if this is easy to adjust (shims/washers?) If it does click before the endstop then perhaps it is not connected properly, check all the connections. The big connector to the top of the print head, is it properly seated? Perhaps reseat it and try again?

Hi @Bonfireman,

The printing head can go all the way to the left and ‘click’ on the limit switch.
The big connector is properly seated.
Sadly, the printer still doesn’t work.

For a video of the malfunction, click here.

Wow err I don’t know. Manually putting the machine to the home position gives the same results? I know the first time I set up my Ender 5 and Snapmaker they went nuts by not being able to find home until I forced it go there, but not as bad as that. Knowing me I would be stripping it back to basics and starting again whilst waiting on customer services.

Im having a similar issue with my v3 ke printer but in the initial set up after doing the language time zone and all that when it gets to the auto detecting section after it checks the axis width and recenters it shuts off and reboots? any ideas as to what i can do?

Voltage checked on the PSU 110 v 230V?

where would i check that i live in canada so the outlets should be fine

on the printer there is a little switch that you slide across, might be on the back face, I think the default position is 230V for Europe. You’ll want 110V for Canada I think.

found the switch and it was on 230V gonna try now with it on the 115v setting

Its the first thing I check on any electrical appliance, had a guitar amp that was set on 110, probably not good to run it at that.

Haha very true, it seems to be working now thanks for your help!

No problem, god save the king etc :slight_smile:

:joy: lol have a good one

I tried it, but I had the same results.