Replicate parameters from Benchy .gcode from Creality USB?

Hello everyone

I have acquired this KE as my first print. I have printed the Benchy that is on the USB that Creality attached.

I found the quality that is achieved only after about 17m to be fantastic, for most of the pieces that I plan to print it is more than enough.

I have tried to copy the parameters of the 1-boat.gcode program that comes on the USB to a new config in Creality Print (supposedly this gcode has been created with Creality Print Version: V4.3.8.6678, which is the one I have installed)

But with those parameters I get a time of 16m, but only with 56 passes and not with 192 passes that .gcode has, so the quality is very bad.

Do you know how to get the correct gcode configuration so that when you slice you get the same result? or even the .cxprofile file to enter it directly into the creality print

These are the configuration parameters that appear in the .gcode

;Creality Print GCode Generated by CXEngine
;Creality Print Version : V4.3.8.6678
;CXEngine Release Time:2023-10-27 17:48:02
;Gcode Generated Time:2023-10-27 18:23:59
;----------Machine Config--------------
;Machine Name:F005
;Machine Height:240
;Machine Width:220
;Machine Depth:220
;Material Type:PLA
;Material Name:Hyper PLA_1.75
;Number of Extruders:1
;ExtruderParams[0] Nozzle Diameter:1000
;----------Profile Config---------------
;Wall Thickness:0.87
;Top/Bottom Thickness:0.8
;Out Wall Line Width:0.5
;Inner Wall Line Width:0.5
;Inital Height:200
;Wall Line Count:2
;Infill Line Distance:10
;Infill Pattern:grid
;Infill Sparse Density:10
;Infill Wipe Distance:0.13
;Print Temperature:220
;Bed Temperature:60
;Support Enable:false
;Support Density:15
;Support Angle:60
;Adhesion Type:autobrim
;machine is belt:false
;machine belt offset:10
;machine belt offset Y:0
;Raft Base Line Spacing:1.6
;Wait Heatup Sync:true
;Enable Ironing:false
;Material Type:PLA
;Max volumetric speed:60.00
;Material Diameter:1.75
;Material Density:1.24
;Filament Cost:20
;Filament Weight:1000
;Preview Img Type:png
;Screen Size:Sermoon D3
;----------Shell Config----------------
;Outer Wall Wipe Distance:200
;Outer Inset First:false
;Infill Before Walls:false
;Infill Overlap:0.15
;Fill Gaps Between Walls:nowhere
;Minimum Infill Area:15
;Top Surface Skin Layer:0
;Top Layers:4
;Z Seam Alignment:sharpest_corner
;Seam Corner Preference:z_seam_corner_inner
;Z Seam X:110
;Z Seam Y:220
;Horizontal Expansion:0
;Top/Bottom Pattern:lines
;Ironing Pattern:zigzag
;Vase Model:false
;----------Support Config----------------
;Support Type:everywhere
;Support Pattern:zigzag
;Support Infill Layer Thickness:0.25
;Minimum Support Area:1
;Enable Support Roof:true
;Support Roof Thickness:0.8
;Support Roof Pattern:lines
;Connect Support Lines:0
;Connect Support ZigZags:1
;Minimum Support X/Y Distance:0.2
;Support Line Distance:1.33
; ---------PrintSpeed & Travel----------
;Enable Print Cool:true
;Avoid Printed Parts Traveling:false
;Enable Retraction:true
;Retraction Distance:0.8
;Retraction Speed:40
;Retraction Prime Speed:40
;Maximum Retraction Count:100
;Minimum Extrusion Distance Window:1
;Z Hop When Retracted:false
;Z Hop Height:0.1
;Retract Before Outer Wall:false

;Outer Wall Speed:300
;Inner Wall Speed:500
;Infill Speed:500
;Top/Bottom Speed:200
;Travel Speed:500
;Initial Layer Speed:200
;Skirt/Brim Speed:50
;Prime Tower Speed:500
;Outer Wall Acceleration:6000
;Inner Wall Acceleration:6000
;Infill Acceleration:8000
;Top/Bottom Acceleration:6000
;Travel Acceleration:8000
;Initial Layer Print Acceleration:2000
;Initial Layer Travel Acceleration:5000
;Skirt/Brim Acceleration:500
;Acceleration to decelerate:50
;Combing Mode:off
; --------SpecialModel&Mesh Fixes--------
;Union Overlapping Volum:true
;Remove All Holes:false
;Maximum Travel Resolution:0.25
;Maximum Deviation:0.05
;Maximum Model Angle:0.872665
;IS Mold Print:false
;Make Overhang Printable:false
;Enable Coasting:false
;Coasting Volumes:0.064
;Coasting Speed:0.9
;Raft AirGap:0.25
;Layer0 ZOverLap:0.13
;Adaptive Layers:0

Hi @Moha_Antonio and welcome to the forums!

I would recommend referring to the following topic where there is an ongoing discussion regarding replicating the settings from the sample files…

Thank you, I had not seen that the same topic was being discussed. I close the thread and thank you

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You’re welcome :smiley: