V3 KE prints keep failing

Just got a v3 KE for Christmas. So new to the 3d printing game.
I’ve done a few successful prints, but seems like every other one fails.
The print doesn’t stick to the bed. Bed is at 60 degrees.
I’m cleaning it with IPA 91%.
I’ve read about glue sticks, sugar water, etc.
Any suggestion? I’m afraid to continue to print and waste filament.

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Have you done the auto leveling…?
Also make sure the nozzle is the correct distance from the bed…

If this isn’t done then the prints will not stay on the bed…

Just in case you need it:

User Manual on Wiki

Of course he is doing the auto leveling and his nozzle is “the correct distance from the bed”. You must not be familiar with the KE but its very persistent to do these 2 calibration steps on every print.
Im going to pile on with the original poster,
My KE has consistent problems with bed adhesion as well. PLA, 60c bed, BRAND NEW filament. My bed is leveled to a range of .35mm! My z offset was -3.11mm then I heated and tightened the nozzle and am down to -2.85mm offset.
I’d blame the Z-offset cal sequence but it does work on some areas of the bed. But not the whole bed. Which makes me think its the probing sequence.

It is the end users responsibility to find the optimum z offset due to the fact that not everyone prints at the same layer heights or use the same filaments.

Once leveling is complete the end user should print a large single layer so that you can dial in the z offset during the printing of the first layer.

The auto leveling is merely so that the printer can create a mesh of the bed and therefore know where the high and low points are and compensate as neccessary. The printers are not able to determine the exact z offset as every machine will have slightly different tolerances/clearances.

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Yeah I’m not familiar with the KE but I just was covering the basics of the Z offset as @Nikoli stated it can cause issues if it’s not right…
I’m more familiar with the K1 / K1 Max…

Ah so you are also not familiar with the KE…
There is a load sensor to calibrate the Z-offset. Between this and the bed probe the printer should be fully automated. I understand I can set my Z offset myself but once I click the “calibrate” button it will return to an incorrect Z-offset automatically.

The auto Z offset is very close and consistently very close. I need a way to modify the auto Z-offset so that every time I need to do it, it returns the exact value. But also if I want to increase/decrease z-offset for different layer heights, I can

As previously explained… the printer will during the bed leveling process create a mesh of the bed and use that to cancel out any high or low areas. It will not necessarily calibrate the exact correct height for the extruder from the bed.

The Z offset is something you can adjust within the slicer.

You should only ever need to run bed leveling calibration once or if you move your printer or run into print problems. As long as the print is started with calibration is will auto load the values it stored from the mesh.

I appreciate the response but Im still feeling like you are misinformed about these Creality 3 KE printers. It doesnt "calibrate the exact correct height for the extruder from the bed is the problem. Creality claims their offset sensor will get an exact height.

Also in theory bed leveling + z-offset should only need to be done once but that has not been the case for me with Creality printers to maintain reliability.

In Creality Print, Enable advanced settings, and then go to experimental tab and select “Enable g code offset”. -0.05 is where I’m starting.

I’m with you HiHoWillyO, I have an SE and a KE (same chassis and sensor), it is mostly perfect with levelling but yes does need a little tweak of -0.05 to get it to stick. I’ve been setting it through either the Nebula pad or Sonic pad, thanks for pointing out the setting in the slicer could be handy.

I am sorry that you feel that I may be misinformed but I do own a K1 printer which operates and functions in an almost identical way to the KE just has a different construction so therefore I am doing my best to assist you. I am merely a moderator, I do not work for Creality.

The offset sensor will get an exact height that will not likely damage the bed and will be close to the bed, as mentioned before it is the end users responsibility to tweak the z offset to your preferred height for your printing needs. It is very common for K1 users to also have to make small adjustments to their Z offset within the slicer.

One of the PEI sheets (FYSETC) I have, advised a light sanding with the supplied 1200 grit paper, then IPA, to properly key the surface, that and a bit of Z offset should have it sticking nicely. I’ve ditched the PC build plate on my V3 SE as it sticks far too well lol

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