What now? Ender3 v3 ke won't complete calibration tests

I’m having a bugger of a time trying to complete the flow tests. I’ve successfully completed the temperature test but when I get to flow I can print 2 rows of the test then it completely fails and just drags and clumps (see photo). Without completing the test by eye it looks like patch 0 is the best one but I’'m new so I’m not sure what I should be looking for? Any ideas on how to successfully complete these tests? I can make successful prints but this test is challenging my printer and I want to make sure I have optimum settings for the obvious reasons and especially Lithophanes. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

It is quite often normal for the 2 with the biggest negative value to fail as the flow rate is being reduced so much that the filament is not being laid correctly. You can safely ignore the 2 failed pads and just select the best from the ones that did print ok.

Thanks but if I can’t complete the entire printing of the other non failed ones then how do I evaluate? I can’ only get about 1-2 layers before the nozzle clogs up with the ones that don’t stick? Zero looked the best in the example. I guess I don’t have to make any adjustments?

We are starting to have 2 conversations in 2 places so I am going to ask that we move to your other topic which has the other test prints in it as it will make discussion easier and less confusing. I have covered what to do even if the result is zero in the other thread here:

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