ErrorCode E0500 Key 2514

I’m trying to use my new Creality K1 Max and am running into the same problem when I try and print a certain model. The error code I keep getting is E0500 Key 2514 Unknown Exception. The key refered me to the statement “Command parameter format incorrect”, but offered no additional information. This gcode is using Generic PLA with a low infill (3%) and 3 wall outer shell. I don’t know what the command parameter is even refering to.

I’ve done three prints total with this print, 2 from the provided files and one I uploaded myself. This new file I’m attempting to print is large, but still within the K1 Max’s abilities from what I understand… I’m running out of ideas and patience with this project and don’t want to throw in the towel. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hello @Jamison_Burton and Welcome to the Creality Forum. Creality

Here is a link to a discussion we had about error codes. I think yours is in there. Still not sure what it is but a reboot was the answer from a Creality Employee. When you said it was a large print I wonder if the K1 Max memory was not able to store it all…??? :thinking:

Error Code Discussion

I don’t think so. The file takes up 82.63 MB, but I could be wrong if that’s too much. (I feel the printer would have warned me if that were the case)

I’ve rebooted several times before posting, no luck. I’ll keep trying but I don’t know if the usual reboot solution will work here.

Should I consider doing a Factory Reset?

Just out of curiousity I looked through the log files for prints I made on the K1 Max and the biggest was about 36MB.

Are you able to print other models that are a smaller file size.??

What happened when you pressed “Ignore”…?

This list is for K1 but could also be K1 Max…?

Fault Code List

Yeah, I’ve done a couple smaller prints to test it out. I’m trying to print larger items like props and helmets from sci-fi. I’ve seen other 3D printers make similar items on the same model of FDM printer.

The error code comes up after “Print Calibration”, before any filament is extruded. It says “The print has been stopped. Error (Yada yada yada)” and if I hit ignore, it just closes the print attempt.

Something else just came to mind. I’ve been using the LAN Printing feature. Could it be the file is fragmenting across the connection?

What if you try without the calibration…?

From what I’ve been reading it could be a problem with the gcode possibly…

I haven’t tried that yet.

This gives me a couple options. I’ll let you know what I find

Reboot: Same error
Without Print Calibration: Same error
Printed from USB: Same error

Any other ideas? Still haven’t tried a Factory Reset.
Some of the forums I’ve looked at say the “Command parameter format incorrect” error relates to the gcode being corrupted. I’ve tried reslicing but no luck so far.

Try different file…?

Problem is worse than I thought. I tried printing something small and the same error code is present! I can’t print anything. I tried Factory Reseting, using a different slicer program, using smaller file size… with the same error being displayed.

This is not what I paid for when I got this printer. I need help from someone that knows what the E0500 Key 2514 means. Nothing is working

I found the solution!

The File Name had a special character in it, which translated over to the gcode and caused the error. I got help on the /creality reddit page and a user had a similar problem.

Seems like an easy enough fix to be addressed on the software side, but other users should be aware to not include characters (like the apostrophes ’ ) into the file names!


Sorry you’re getting all those errors…

When I’m using PLA I don’t change the settings.
Even with silk, Hyper or regular I mostly just use the default slicer settings for regular PLA. That’s just my use with Creality Print.
The only thing I changed was nozzle temp and bed temp. Haven’t gotten an error.
All I can say for now is write to Creality with documentation.
FB user group is also a good place to start.

Almost goes back to the days of 8bit computing, keep file names simple. Should not be a problem in modern times but here it is still causing issues. Glad you got it sorted.

Thank you so much for sharing the solution! I’ve successfully printed hundreds of complex commercial engineering parts on our K1 Max over the past 6 months, and got stuck with this error all weekend - damned apostrophe in the filename, grrr!

Interesting that we’ve used dashes, underscores and even commas without this problem.

I am just got a similar problem. On March 22nd, 2024 (today);

      My K1 MAX found a new Updated, and loaded Version; followed by
          the machine being recalibrated successfully, as instructed.

Since then, I can no longer have the K1 MAX accept GCode to 3D Print without presenting a Error.

I have tried using Creality_Print to Slice new and old previously working STLs; but all resultant GCode fails to be acknowledged by the K1 MAX as Printable.

Now all I get, when trying to start a 3D Print is:-

              Error code: E0500; Description: Key2252Unknown exception

How can I go back to the Previous K1 MAX version, which has worked flawlessly.

Harkening back to the days of ZXSpectrum computers I try not to use any characters that are non-alphabetic. Short filenames. Yes it might be old 8 bit thinking but worth remembering. Been using these infernal computer machines since the ZX81, clue is in the name.

Hope it helps!