Ender-3 V3 SE: config settings to roll our own firmware please


Does anyone have the config.h et al for one to roll one’s own latest Marlin for the SE?

I’ve purchased a higher temp hot end and would like to roll my own increasing the max to 300 degrees C.

I’d like to keep all features including auto leveling & Z offset, plus have the firmware communicate with OctoPrint.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


I too would like to do some Marlin config’ing for a different reason. I searched high and low. I’ll be watching this thread.

I don’t’ know it this is helpful for what you are looking for…??


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You are on the right track @jimandyen. But if you look at the sample configurations at https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Configurations/tree/release-, you don’t see an Ender 3 V3 SE configuration. At a minimum, I think that’s what @Mikey_Mike_Mik and I are looking for. There may also be some special Marlin code that Creality has implemented but they haven’t published the firmware source on Github like they have for the 3V2 series.

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If I may enquire - what reason @findleybc ?

Mainly improving the Octoprint integration. I can’t get the screen to show progress when printing from Octoprint. Also the gcode preview isn’t working.

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Same same! I have the E3V3SE hooked into a PC running Octoprint …
What gcode plug in is giving you grief? I’ll give it a test too.

I’ve tried M73 and Detailed Progress. When printing from Octoprint, the display on the printer doesn’t have any indication that the printer is printing much less the progress of the current print. When I load gcode generated from Creality Print, using the SD card, the preview image just shows the default image. My son has an Ender 3 V2 NEO and his shows the preview. The firmware for this printer should at least be equivalent to this.

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The screen of SE receive all the information from the mainboard and then renders it on each section. Octoprint just transmit the info to the board and that’s it, there is no instructions between Octoprint and the board to render the info of the print in the screen.

SE firmware is still closed, so even switching to Klipper the screen is useless. I’ve read that some people rooted the printer to get into the firmware and started to work on forks for klipper screen but that’s all no links or GitHub links.

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As Marlin is open source, should all configuration files used for printers that deploy it also be open source?
Creality should let the modding community tweak their existing software & firmware to improve current & future products.
They get free development & beta testing from those putting their money where their mouths are …

The board could send updates to the screen when received via Gcode and the screen could render them in some useful way.
M73 is the Marlin command to send the print progress to the printer. In the terminal windows of Octoprint, attached, you can see the the SE doesn’t support that command.
It also seems to ignore M117, Set LCD Message.
It would be nice if Creality either supported those functions or opened the firmware for the printer and the screen so that we could get this great community to work on it.

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Yes, that’s the issue the firmware of the SE is a custom Creality version of Marlin not exactly Marlin and many commands are useless.

Someone need to root it or wait till Creality opens the firmware.

FYI: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ender3V3SE/s/vU1qtbWcgn

Is Octoprint “safe”. I read you need to give it full admin rights to run under windows.

You’re right: It’s Creality’s customisation of the configuration files for Marlin that need to be released.
[As documented here] (Configuring Marlin | Marlin Firmware):

  • Configuration.h contains the core settings for the hardware, language and controller selection, and settings for the most common features and components.
  • Configuration_adv.h contains more detailed customization options, add-ons, experimental features, and other esoteric settings.
  • config.ini may be included to modify the configuration at the start of a PlatformIO build. See the Configuration with INI page for more information.

I run it on a second hand PC with nothing else on it (bought an ex-work SFF Lenovo during COVID when RPi’s were rare as hen’s teeth).
Behind a firewall (I only access while at home), and most of my other computers are macOS …

I used that via an Octoprint plugin to update my OG Ender 3’s display.
Works well, but Marlin needs to be configured to accept the info.
I don’t believe that’s the case with the E3V3SE …

I just sent this to cs@creality.com"

"Hi Creality,

I’ve just bought my second Creality 3D printer - and am extremely happy with it.

The Ender V3 SE is a magnificent machine - you and your design & engineering teams should be proud of it.

My first 3D printer was purchased in 2020 - an “OG” Ender 3.

I love that machine because I learnt on it, broke it, fixed it, modified it, and - in true Maker ethic - made it my own.

I had fun and received a great sense of achievement, compiling the latest Marlin (after adding a Sprite high temp hotend, CR Touch, filament runout sensor - with a custom splash screen) knowing I could make it work.

Well hoping, trying, failing, and eventually succeeding.

It is in that spirit that I’m contacting you now hoping I can convince you to release the configuration files for the V3 SE.

I want the freedom to do the same with my new machine.

To make it better, hotter, faster, unique.


I invite you to let me and an eager community of Makers “have at it” - to imagine, design, tinker, and work on and with the Ender 3 V3 SE.

We could take it to places your teams didn’t dare dream of, unlocking it’s and our own potential.

You’ve already given us a great 3D printer. Now let us have the tools to make it greater.

Thanks for your time and consideration.




Hopefully they will release and the full klipper files without the blobs so we can compile on hardware that isn’t the sonic or nebula

I hope so too. It’s propriety hardware, running Open Source software - they should release Marlin & Clipper configurations so we can investigate the full potential of the machines we bought.

After all - from https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin:

" Marlin is published under the GPL license because we believe in open development. The GPL comes with both rights and obligations. Whether you use Marlin firmware as the driver for your open or closed-source product, you must keep Marlin open, and you must provide your compatible Marlin source code to end users upon request. The most straightforward way to comply with the Marlin license is to make a fork of Marlin on Github, perform your modifications, and direct users to your modified fork."

And from https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/blob/bugfix-2.1.x/LICENSE:

" The “Corresponding Source” for a work in object code form means all
the source code needed to generate, install, and (for an executable
work) run the object code and to modify the work, including scripts to
control those activities".

We are well within our rights to insist and (if it comes to it) ask Creality to comply with the GPL license they have legally agreed to.

I’m hoping they are just busy after their holiday and will get to it as soon as possible, otherwise they risk a detrimental effect on their reputation from negative publicity.